Full Body Laser Hair Removal Cost

Laser hair removal is a new technique to reduce unwanted body hair. It is one of the best options compared to traditional methods like waxing, threading, razing, hair removal creams, etc. Laser treatment reduces hair density and gives you a smooth skin texture. Full-body laser hair removal is one of the beneficial techniques in reducing hair density for a longer hair-free period and improved skin texture. The treatment is best for those with any skin color, and posts the treatment; you will get super smooth and soft skin. While many people have a misconception that hair removal laser treatments are expensive, it is not, as it is a budget-friendly and commonly-used method for hair removal.

Full Body Laser Hair Removal Cost In Bengaluru

Note: Please note that these are approximate costs and can vary significantly depending on factors like the clinic’s location, the surgeon’s expertise, and the specific technique used. It’s essential to consult with a hair transplant specialist for an accurate assessment and cost estimate based on your individual needs.

Body Part Number of Sessions Approximate Cost (INR)
Upper Lip  4-6 sessions 5,000-9,000
Chin  4-6 sessions 5,500-10,000
Underarms  4-6 sessions 7000-13,000
Bikini Line  6-8 sessions 8000-15,000
Full Face  6-8 sessions 9000-18,000
Lower Legs (both) 6-8 sessions 13,000-21,000
Upper Legs (both) 6-8 sessions 15,000-23,000
Back 6-8 sessions 13,000-21,000
Chest 6-8 sessions 11,000-18,000
Full Body 8-12 sessions 28,000-53,000

Factors Affecting Full-Body Laser Hair Removal Cost

Since full body laser hair removal is affordable for those, who desire a long-term solution for their unwanted hair. It is an extremely popular technique, and mostly the common concerns of people about the method are its effectiveness, safety, and total cost. Most full-body lasers are excellent at giving outstanding results and are very safe, and the price is also not much. The cost of full body laser varies and depends upon many factors, including :

  • Area

The cost depends upon the area where you need to be treated, and you have to pay more for full-body laser hair removal.

  • Number of sessions

The larger the area, the more sessions are required to get the desired result. The more sessions, the cost will vary accordingly. Many clinics charge as per session instead of changes for the entire treatment.

  • Type of hair

If your hair type is thick and dense, the cost would be high, as destroying these hairs will take longer. Also, the total number of sessions needed for the treatment would increase.

  • The reputation of the clinic

Another vital factor that determines the cost of total hair removal treatment is the clinic’s reputation. A well-known reputed clinic will charge more as you will get access to the best doctors for the treatment. Also, these clinics use the latest technology for laser hair removal in India.

Full body laser hair removal treatment- Procedure

Laser hair removal treatment is the best way to eliminate unwanted hair in some body areas or the full body. The procedure is popular worldwide and is an excellent option for the traditional way of removing unwanted hair every month. India is the best place to get total body laser hair removal as it resides the best and most experienced and talented doctors. Permanent hair removal through laser treatment for the full body comprises the removal of unwanted hair permanently. The expert dermatologist first analyzes thoroughly by dividing the sections or areas that need treatment into different sections like the chest, abdomen, upper torso, and so on). After completing this thorough analysis, the expert dermatologist calculates the total number of sessions needed to perform the permanent hair removal treatment and will also discuss the entire cost of the procedure. A full-body laser hair removal cost in India ranges between 20000 Rs to 25000 Rs per session. The total cost of the full body laser is estimated by the number of sessions an individual will require, which will vary from person to person. Cost-effective and highly effective, laser hair removal is a painless treatment that offers results in a few weeks.

What to expect?

Your laser specialist will discuss this with you to determine if this is your proper treatment. The expert dermatologist will examine the areas that most concern you, and the areas of the body this treatment works best are

  • Legs
  • Arms
  • Bikini area
  • Back
  • Face
  • Underarm

Seven to ten days after the treatment, you will start to shed hair, and these hair follicles will be destroyed. However, not all your hair will be destroyed permanently in one session; thus, you may need multiple sessions to remove them. Some clients, especially men, may have one or two sessions to thin out the hair. After when the hair is gone, follow-up sessions will also be required. Suppose you wish to go for the treatment. In that case, it is time to talk to your professional and call Haircosmos international hair and skin clinic Bangalore to know how full body laser hair removal can give you permanently smooth and soft skin.

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