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Look deeper and pluck the root cause of hair fall.

Best Hairfall control treatment whitefield bangalore – It’s normal to lose hair. We can lose between 50 and 100 hairs a day, often without noticing. Hair loss isn’t usually anything to be worried about but occasionally it can be a sign of a medical condition.

Some types of hair loss are permanent, like male and female pattern baldness. This type of hair loss usually runs in the family.

Other types of hair loss may be temporary. They can be caused by:

  • An illness
  • Stress
  • Cancer Treatment
  • Weight Loss
  • Iron Deficiency

If you are facing heavy hair fall, completely depressed with hair fall and finding out for solution to regrowth of your hair, then you are the right place. You can stop searching for the information and enroll for the hair loss treatment.

Here in Haircosmos Bangalore we don’t give any false promise in bringing your hair back through various unheard means. Here at Haircosmos international we perform the procedure, which helps for hair fall control and hair regrowth on the scalp. Our procedures include  treatment, GFC treatment, Regenera Activa therapy, laser comb to Hair transplantation. We do it all at the users various requirements of men and female patients. Hair clinic is awarded for best treatment offered in the field of dermatology and trichology.

Hair loss/hair fall has become a common trait in everybody life. Every one loosing 50 to 150 hairs daily because the hair follicles comes to shedding stage at the end of its life cycle, later the hair falls because of routine activities. The shed hair gets replaced by new hair from the hair knots.

In most of the cases people think the hair grows and falls instantly. But it’s necessary to take the required steps like consulting the doctor, following the medication or the diet prescribed for controlling or to see the hair regrowth before the scalp goes bald. Proteins play a vital role in hair regrowth. It is imperative for everyone to have an adequate amount of proteins to maintain hair re production. Some of source for proteins are chicken, egg, meat, nuts, dried beans and grains.

Hair Growth Life Cycle:

There are 3 stages in hair growth life cycle, from the beginning of hair growth to shedding stage. These are known as anagen phase, Catagen Phase and Telogen Phase. Anagen Phase: Anagen phase is the growth period. In this stage hair grows rapidly for 5 inches every month for 5 to 7 years before the hair follicles goes to dormant stage. In this stage hair follicles grows faster in summer and less growth in winter. In this stage hair grows anywhere between 18 to 30 inches and it varies depends on the individual factors like age, health, genetic and many more factors.

Catagen Phase:

Catagen is the second phase of haircosmosinternational growth life cycle. This is a short period, lasting upto 2-3 weeks in most of the scenarios. In this transition phase hair stops growing and detaches itself from the blood supply. The Telogen Phase: It’s a final stage in the hair growth cycles. This phase begins with a resting period, where club hairs rest in the root while new hair begins to grow beneath it. This phase lasts for around 3 months.

Main Causes of Hair Loss:

The causes for hair loss are plenty but some of those are:

Hormonal Changes:

Changes in hormone especially at some point of menopause or simply after childbirth are huge reasons for the hair loss. This can also happens because of body & age goes through the series of hormonal changes. Regardless of the gender loose the hair because of hormonal changes.

Anxiety and Stress:

Anxiety and stress are the primary reasons behind hair loss in the present world. Emotional stress will result in hair loss more than physical and mental stress. People prone to anxious and tensions also have higher chance of losing the hair. Tensions and conscious can be controlled with yoga, exercise and meditation, which help for hair fall control.

Thyroid Disorders:

Thyroid disorder could cause hair loss. Because of severe hyperthyroidism cause hair loss, which involve the entire scalp rather than particular area but, the hair regrowth is possible with proper treatment to the thyroid disorder; through it will take several months to regrowth.


Lupus can also cause the hair fall/hair loss. Because of lupus auto immune system works hyperactive and kills the normal, healthy tissues, and characterized by patchy loss of hair with signs of lesions on the scalp.

Medical Abnormalities:

Besides the all above concerns, some other causes include liver problems, inflammatory bowel disease and similar conditions disturbs the body’s own mechanism, and hence it affects the hair follicle growth, bringing hair loss.


Medication likes anti-depressants, anti-coagulants, beta blockers; anti-convulsants, etc have serious effects on hair and induce hair loss, in short span. Besides, the medication during the severe surgeries also contributes to hair loss. Medication and the surgeries are having the equal share in causing hair fall. Treatments like chemotherapy are known for clear the scalp during the treatment and make its hair free. But the good thing is after the medication or treatment stopped, hair gradually goes into the general life cycle and grows gradually.

Different Types of Hair Loss Conditions includes:

Hair loss may seems to be same, but it is different from person to person due to it different condition. Importantly the specific pattern hair loss determines the best possible treatment to regain the lost hair. The overall hair loss is classified as follows.

Androgenic Alopecia:

It’s a most common type of hair loss, men and women are the victims for this kind of hair loss. Many researches confirmed that 70 % of men and 30% females across the world expected to go through the androgenic alopecia. In this form of hair loss hair at the top of scalp is most affected. Initially in men it starts with hair thinning, develops at the crown area or temple area or both and speared across in horse shoe pattern.

Alopecia Areata:

It is an auto immune disorder. Alopecia areata bring the hair loss in the form of patches, it is also called as patchy hair loss. This cause because of immune disorder and it impact any portion of the scalp, body. When body fails to identify its own, the immune system treats hair likes outside and attacks it. Then the hair starts falling in round shape. Of those effected from alopecia areata disorder, only 1% to 2% face complete hair loss from not only the scalp but also the complete body.

Alopecia Universalis:

alopecia Universalis is the advanced level of hair loss to the alopecia areata. In this condition effected people will lose complete scalp and body hair. This condition cause the circular patches of hair loss.

Traction Alopecia:

is a form of alopecia mostly seen in the women, it’s more like manmade cause. The main reason behind traction alopecia hair loss is usage of rubber bands and hair pins and making knots such way that tights hair roots for long time. Hair strands cannot holds the pressure for long time and tears off from the roots. Then sheds off. The Haircosmos recedes leaving short and broken hair along the fringe. The only way to remover from this condition is to tie the knots loosely.

Scarring Alopecia Trichotillomania:

is a psychiatric compulsive disorder that influences the person to pluck his own hair. this kind of condition is more in Childers, and will be recovered in adulthood. On close inspection will identify broken and twisted hair in patches across the scalp. In chronic cases, scarring alopecia may result.

Alopecia Totalis:

This is another form of hair loss condition. This kind of disorder characterized by the complete loss of hair on the scalp.

Telogen effluvium:

in this condition 85% off hair in growth phase where as remaining 15% hair enters into Telogen phase. Telogen effluvium disrupts the remaining hair and more amount of hair enters the resting phase. With this hair naturally thinning and with untreated thinning, it creates baldness all over the scalp.

Diffuse Alopecia:

Diffuse alopecia mostly causes because of intense emotional stress. Chronic diseases such as systemic lupus erythematosus, anemia, chronic renal failure, amyloidosis, liver failure, inflammatory bowel disease, dermatomyositis, lymph proliferative syndrome, and other chronic infections such as HIV and secondary syphilis.

How it is done

Using preliminary blood tests and Scalp Biopsy, we diagnose the root cause of hair fall. With the results from these tests, specialized doctors suggest the appropriate hair loss products, treatments or medicines. This approach helps in tackling all medical problems simultaneously and maximizes the overall results by providing an effective hair treatment

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