Facial Hair Transplant In Bangalore

Undergo the Best Facial Hair Transplant in Bengaluru at Haircosmos International

A healthy beard is the epitome of good looks and health for most men. With Haircosmos International, you can now obtain an attractive and dense beard. We provide FUE and FUT hair transplants with minimal downtime.

If you have a few patchy areas in your beard or have trouble growing a healthy beard, we can help. Whether you want a fuller beard or a stubble look, our experts can provide customised solutions.

A beard transplant is the best solution if you never had a beard. To learn more about facial hair transplants, you can sign up for an initial consultation at our professional clinic in Bengaluru.

How it is Done ?

The follicles are removed in strips and then transplanted into any bald patches on the beard or sideburns. Once the process is finished, the hair in the beard should start to grow immediately – with patients usually able to shave after just two weeks.

The Effectiveness of the Best Facial Hair Transplant in Bengaluru

Facial hair transplant at our Bengaluru clinic is highly effective. We use the latest procedures to sort out hair growth in your beard and eyebrows. Since a sizable proportion of men are concerned about their looks, beard transplant is becoming highly popular. We can perform the procedure in a single day with the FUE hair transplant procedure.

The FUE technique is ideal as it doesn’t require any type of sutures. Moreover, there won’t be any type of noticeable scarring when you undergo this procedure at our clinic. You can now rock the perfect style with our beard transplant treatment.

Get Complete Details on Beard Transplant Cost at Haircosmos International

The cost of beard transplants in Bengaluru depends on several parameters. For instance, the FUT procedure is more cost-effective than the FUE treatment. The type of beard design also influences the cost.

After designing the shape of your beard, we will extract hair from the donor area. Our dermatologists typically take hair from your head’s back portion. After extraction of the hair follicles, we will implant them onto your beard.

Our FUE facial hair transplant method is the preferred treatment as it involves minimal downtime. You can expect to resume your regular duties a week after the procedure. With proper aftercare treatment guidelines, you can expect the scars to heal within six to seven days.

You can learn more about the beard transplant cost by consulting with our clinic at the earliest.


Facial Hair Transplant is the solution for men who have sparse or patchy beard and want thicker facial hair to appear contoured and neat.

The procedure is usually completed in one session. However the patient may repeat it in sessions depending on the individual case.

Alopecia Barbae is the primary reason why you must opt for a beard transplant at our Bengaluru clinic. It refers to the loss of facial hair, which affects men of all ages. Here are the other reasons to opt for a facial hair transplant at Haircosmos International.

  • Medical treatments
  • Facial trauma
  • Trichotillomania

After the procedure, you must avoid shaving for about two weeks. It is best to consult with our dermatologists before opting for cosmetic treatments.

A beard transplant is not painful as our dermatologists will perform the surgery under local anaesthesia. But after surgery, it is normal to experience inflammation which can be treated easily.

At Haircosmos International, we take utmost care to ensure that you have minimal scars after the procedure. The instruments used by us are less than 1mm in diameter. However, initial scarring may be treated with ointments and drugs.

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