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Get an instant Solution for your hair loss with Hair fixing

Best hair fixing treatment in whitefield bangalore – Hair Fixing is a non surgical procedure to treat baldness and thinning hair. This method of treating temporary or permanent hair loss, has gained extreme popularity because of two important reasons. One, it is much cheaper than hair transplants or other medical therapies. Secondly, it serves as an immediate solution to the problem; unlike transplants that show results several months after the surgical procedure is performed.

Hair Fixing is the process of artificially attaching hair to bald areas. In other words, we can say that hair is glued on to bald patches on scalp or existing thin volume of hair. This additional hair can be human or synthetic hair, similar to wigs and it offers instant results.

Stop the Progression of Hair Loss and Bald Spots with Hair Patch Treatment in Bangalore

Losing your hair is traumatic which can have a destabilising effect on your emotions. The presentation of our hair plays a crucial role in how others perceive us. At HAIRCOSMOS INTERNATIONAL HAIR and SKIN CLINIC, we are fully aware of how distressing hair loss can be for an individual.

With our hair fixing treatment in Bangalore, you can now sport a thicker mane. Hair fixing treatment at our clinic is a non-invasive procedure. It is one of the safest methods to get natural-looking hair in a single day.

Hair patch treatment is a non-surgical procedure where we place a patch of hair in the area where baldness has occurred. We stick this patch of hair with the help of cosmetic glue. The clips and glue used by us are pretty safe and don’t cause allergic reactions.

Each hair unit used in the patch treatment is customised to your style. It is effective for those who don’t want to undergo a surgical procedure. Our hair patch is smaller in size and designed to sit on a bald spot.

What are the USPs of our Hair Fixing Treatment?

HAIRCOSMOS INTERNATIONAL HAIR and SKIN CLINIC offers a perfect cosmetic solution for those suffering from severe hair loss. Our artificial hair restoration procedure is also suitable for those who have Alopecia Areata. You can go about your daily activities without any issues. For instance, you can exercise, wash your hair, or attend public events with our patch treatment. Here are the USPs of our hair-fixing treatment.

Completely Natural Appearance 

The adhesive material used by our professionals is barely noticeable. Moreover, it fully absorbs sweat and sebum secreted by your scalp.

Flexibility and Permeability 

Youcan use a brush and trim your hair with our patch treatment. You will also have the flexibility to use hair styling products. The material of the hair patch is porous, which ensures proper airflow and circulation.

Long-Lasting Hair Patch Glue 

The glue used for hair fixing treatment in Bangalore can last over 5 years. The glue used by us is water-resistant and comes with anti-fungal properties.

Made of Unprocessed Human Hair 

We use unprocessed human hair, which looks natural. The patch used by us fits perfectly and ensures excellent stability. This treatment is suitable for men or women of any age with hair loss.

The 0.03mm ultra-thin adhesive material used in artificial hair restoration at our clinic is inconspicuous. To learn more about our hair restoration procedures in Karnataka, contact us.

The Common Types of Hair Patches 

We use customised hair patches based on your treatment. During the initial consultation, we will minutely analyse the severity of your hair loss. Based on the inputs, we will customise the patch. Usually, surgical hair restoration procedures take time to show effective results.

However, with our hair patch treatment, you can witness results in a lesser time. You can sport denser hair in a short timeframe. Since the hair patches can blend with your natural hair, you can style them. Our patients can try as many hairstyles as they want after the procedure.

Are you Eligible for Artificial Hair Restoration at our Clinic?

People with partial hair loss can significantly benefit from the patch treatment at our clinic. One of the key advantages of this treatment is its non-invasive nature. Furthermore, our clinic adopts a tailored approach to help you transform your appearance. There is no specific eligibility to opt for this treatment. All age groups and genders can undergo this treatment.

If you want a free consultation for hair fix treatment in Bangalore, consult us. Our clinic is well-equipped to sort out your hair loss problems.

How it is Done ?

Hair Fixing is a non-surgical technique helps to cover the baldness. It is a quick procedure and there won’t be any side effects. In hair fixing according to the bald area, hair patch will be prepared and fixed to the ones existing hair by using the glue. We use the customized hair patches that match the existing hair texture while in Hair Fixing. The glue we use in the Hair Fixing is well tested with scalp before it is applied. Only, when it matches your skin type, it can be used. The volume of hair added during the procedure remains fixed. Haircosmos International is offering different hair systems concerning the individual’s requirements.

Nevertheless, this method does allow individuals to get the desired color, texture, and hairstyle with the amount of weave volume they have.


Q: Whom is it for?

This procedure is best for those who want a painless, non-surgical method of hair restoration.

Q: How many sessions are required?

The procedure is done within a single sitting. However, the client may come back 6 months later in case the fixing weakens.

Q: Can I go for office after the procedure?

Yes, You can proceed with your regular activities.

Q: Is there any pain involved in the procedure?

Yes, You can proceed with your regular activities.

Which Type of Hair Patch is Ideal?

Lace is the most natural-looking hair patch. Moreover, it can last long for up to 1-2 years. We analyse the quality of your hair to design a bespoke hair patch.

Is Clipping Hair Patches Good?

Hair clipping is a great alternative to address hair loss issues. It is pretty safe and doesn’t lead to severe allergic reactions. If you don’t want to opt for a hair transplant, artificial hair restoration at our clinic in Bengaluru is your best option.

What is the Cost of the Patch Treatment for Hair Loss?

The cost of the patch treatment for hair loss varies from person to person. During the consultation, we will let you know the actual cost of the treatment.

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