Laser Hair Removal For Men

Get Permanent Laser Hair Removal at Haircosmos International in Bengaluru

With laser hair removal for men, there is no need to use razors or waxes. Say hello to medical-grade laser hair removal treatment at our clinic located in Bengaluru. Dermatologists at our centre are highly experienced in operating market-leading laser devices. The dual-wavelength laser devices at our clinic are suitable for treating men with darker and lighter skin tones.

Unlike other hair removal options, our medical-grade treatment implies reliable and cost-effective hair removal. Moreover, we are experts in removing ingrown hair follicles from your body. Laser hair removal at our centre works by eliminating hair follicles from their roots. The laser beams hinder the hair’s ability to grow, damaging your skin. Get comprehensive details about laser hair removal for men by contacting our clinic.

The Benefits of Laser Hair Removal for Men at Our Centre

Men’s laser hair removal is an affordable technique to eliminate unwanted hair. Moreover, the overall cost is lower than the other methods. Listed are the benefits of undergoing laser hair removal treatment at Haircosmos International in Bengaluru.

  • It is a painless procedure
  • We can target specific areas with laser treatment to remove unwanted hair
  • It is safe and effective and the results are permanent
  • The procedure doesn’t have any type of downtime

Laser Hair Removal Cost at Our Bengaluru Clinic

Haircosmos International is a patient-centric clinic and strives to offer transparent information. During your first consultation, we will carefully analyse the areas from where you want to remove hair. Based on the initial consultation, our dermatologists will offer the quote.

The cost of men’s laser hair removal also depends on the size of the area. At Haircosmos International, our hair removal treatment is applicable for the following areas.

  • Cheekbones
  • Upper arms
  • Shoulders
  • Shoulder blades
  • Chest
  • Underarms

As the top clinic for laser hair removal, the care and safety of clients are our top priority. Therefore, we use clinically-certified laser devices to help you get the desired results. During the initial consultation, we will thoroughly discuss the procedure and suggest the right number of treatments. Learn more about laser hair removal costs by contacting our clinic.


Laser hair removal for men is a proven treatment to eliminate unwanted ingrown hair from your body. It permanently removes hair, thereby eliminating the need to shave and epilate.

Listed are the common reasons why men want to embark on laser hair removal.

  • To eliminate excess hair
  • Tired of ingrown hair follicles
  • To improve self-confidence

You can remove the hair from any part of your body. Moreover, our clinic specialises in eliminating hair follicles from your delicate and sensitive areas.

Typically, laser hair removal for men doesn’t come with extensive aftercare treatment guidelines. However, to get the best results, you must avoid direct sunlight. It is also recommended not to use any cosmetic agent in the treated area.

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