How To Get Rid Of Legs Hair Permanently?

Permanent laser hair removal for legs

Some people genetically inherit dense body hair cover. For women, this often becomes a source of embarrassment. With visible and dense layers of skin hair covering the legs, girls and women do not find it comfortable to wear a bottom-wear that reveals the legs partially.

Therefore, stylish outfits like slit skirts, ¾ trousers, and hot pants always stay out of their wardrobe’s essential list. Even if they choose to wear these alternatives, they have to go through the arduous task of leg hair removal every time.

But, advanced cosmetology offers a permanent solution to this problem. Look for reputed clinics for leg hair removal in Bangalore to embrace a permanent solution.

After this removal process, you do not have to hide your legs behind ankle-length bottom wear. Treatments like laser hair removal for legs at Haircosmos International in Bangalore ensure that you feel confident and look beautiful at the same time.


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The Method Of Laser Hair Removal

Minimal invasiveness is the best part about opting for a full-leg laser hair removal process. It is not a surgical process, thus incisions are not at all required.

In this method, the cosmetic expert will use a laser device that emits laser rays. These rays hit the hair strands and damage the follicles.

However, leg hair strands do not disappear in a jiffy. Over a period of time, the strands gradually fall off. As a result, you get rid of your leg skin hair and become ready to embrace any fashion you wish to.

Cost Of leg hair removal in Bangalore

Many people think that permanent leg hair removal in Bangalore is an expensive affair. In reality, the costs depend on various factors. Here is an idea of how the cost of laser hair removal treatment varies.

Treatment Area

The cost varies proportionately with the area of treatment. This means that if the patient is interested in full-leg hair removal, the cost will be higher than partial hair removal.

Some patients opt for the ankle-to-knee hair removal treatment and do not take the thigh hair removal option. For them, the cost will be lower than those opting for full-leg hair removal.

Hair and Skin Type

The features of leg hair vary from one person to another. Some people have fine hair strands that are short in length and feature a lighter colour.

On the other hand, some might have longer, thicker, denser, and darker skin hair on their legs. Based on the type of hair a patient has, the laser removal cost might go up or down.

Number of Sessions

Another factor that contributes to the variation in hair removal costs remains the number of sessions needed for full-leg laser hair removal in Bangalore. If the entire process requires 2-3 sessions, the cost will be lower compared to 6-7 sessions long treatment methods.

Reputation of Clinic

The clinic you choose for laser hair removal treatment can be another factor contributing to the cost variations. You will come across several cosmetic treatment clinics in Bangalore offering full-leg hair removal at different prices.

Therefore, the cost for laser hair removal for legs can be variable in Bangalore. However, the cost of full-leg hair removal through laser therapy generally costs around INR 6000-8000. To know the exact full-leg laser hair removal cost in Bangalore, you have to book an appointment with a reputed clinic.

Preparing For The laser Removal Treatment

If you have contacted one of the best laser hair removal clinics near you, your doctor will tell you everything about how to prepare for hair removal laser treatment.

Here are a few common precautions that you should follow.

Stay Out Of Sun

Once you have an appointment for laser hair removal, try to stay out of the direct sun rays. Tanning is not desirable when you are about to undergo laser hair removal therapy.

It is best to stay indoors or avoid exposure to sun rays for a few days before the therapy.

Avoid Taking The Blood Thinner

If you take blood thinning medication, experts will suggest you stop taking them for a while. Ask your doctors about the medicines you can take during the therapy sessions.

If you take medicines regularly, let your doctor know about them. This will help the doctor keep the risk and side effects at the minimum possible level.

Shave The Area One Day Before The Therapy

If you can shave the area one day before the therapy, the treatment would be more effective. Especially if you have long and thick leg hair, keeping the outer layer of skin hair trimmed will help the therapist locate the hair follicles more appropriately.

Do Not Wax Or Pluck Your Leg Hair

Avoid plucking or waxing your skin hair using chemical products. At least for one month before the laser therapy, do not use any chemical product on your skin.

Use Sun-Protection Cream

While keeping away from direct sun rays is the ideal condition, you might have compulsions to go outside. This is when you should apply SPF50 sunscreen topically on the exposed leg area.

Once the therapy is over, the doctor will certainly apprise you of the standard protocols and you should follow them diligently.

Sometimes, for a sustained solution, the patient might have to continue the treatment procedure periodically. Your doctor will check your progress and let you know about the necessary steps based on your response to the treatment.

Leg Hair Removal Clinic In Bangalore for Affordable Solution

If you are looking for clinics for leg hair removal in Bangalore, Haircosmos International can be your one-stop solution. As one of the best laser hair removal clinics in Bangalore, Haircosmos International has a list of expert cosmetic surgeons and cosmetologists for laser hair removal.

From full-leg hair removal to full-body hair removal solutions, you will find a wide variety of laser treatments here. Laser hair removal therapy is a non-invasive, painless method that offers long-term riddance from unwanted body hair.

Experienced cosmetologists of this reputed clinic ensure that you regain your confidence and look more beautiful. The prices for these hair removal treatments at this renowned clinic are also quite reasonable.

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