If you are unhappy with your hair texture, density, and appeal, a hair transplant is a one-stop solution. Want to achieve voluminous hair? Discover the hair transplant cost in Bengaluru. One of the reasons why people consider it is its impressive results.

Individuals experiencing visible uneven hairline, thinning hair or extreme hair loss can consider cosmetic surgery. The surgery encompasses advanced methodologies to restore and reproduce new hair.

An Overview of the Hair Transplant Process

The surgical process moves your hair to fill an area with no or thin hair. Qualified practitioners conduct the transplant method. After cleaning the scalp, they inject medicines and numb the area. Any of the two methods get used for the process:

  • Follicular unit Transplantation (FUT) or
  • Follicular unit extraction (FUE)

Who Are The Ideal Candidates for Hair Transplant?

In general, an individual with a low density of hair follicles is an ideal candidate. To transplant donor follicles around the scalp, the person should have moderate-to-high hair density. Ideal candidates must have healthy hair on the sides and back. The sites get used as donor areas for grafts. Men & women can opt for the treatment if they have any of these conditions:

  • Well-defined baldness
  • Thinning hair
  • Limited hair loss because of repeated cosmetic procedures or scalp injuries.

In this scientifically-advanced world, proficient cosmetic surgeons offer methods that make impossible hair transplants possible. One of the best examples is U-Graft hair transplantation.

What Parameters Influence the Hair Transplant Cost in Bangalore?

Hair transplantation is a unique surgical technique for restoring voluminous and dense hair. The ultimate cost depends on the following factors:

1. Types Of Hair Transplant

The type of hair transplant is an influential parameter that determines that cost. The common ones include:

  • Robotic Hair
  • Facial Hair
  • Revision Hair
  • Long Hair
  • U-Graft Hair Transplantation

2. The Number of Grafts

If the bald area is wide, more grafts are necessary. The number of grafts an individual requires depends on different factors, including the following:

  • Baldness rate
  • Hair density required
  • hair characteristics (straight or curly)

3. Method Used

There are two methods follicular unit transplant and follicular unit extraction.

Other parameters that influence the cost include the following:

  • The total number of operations
  • The donor graft in the body
  • The professional’s experience and expertise.

What Is The Hair Transplant Cost In Bengaluru?

The hair transplantation process is expensive but is a worthwhile investment. Considering the surgeon’s experience, the number of hair grafts, and hair quality, the cost may vary within the given range. Here is the approximate hair transplant cost in Bengaluru:

Hair Transplant Types Approximate Hair Transplant Costs
Direct Hair Transplant INR 55,000 depending on the no. of grafts
Robotic Hair Transplant INR 60 , 000 depending on the no. of grafts
FUT Transplant INR 40 , 000 depending on the no. of grafts
FUE Transplant INR 50 , 000 depending on the no. of grafts
Facial Hair Transplant INR 60 , 000 depending on the no. of grafts
Long Hair Transplant INR 1 , 00000 depending on the no. of grafts
Revision Hair Transplant INR 70, 000 depending on the no. of grafts
U-Graft Hair Transplantation INR 60, 000 (depending on the no. of grafts)

Which Clinic Offers An Affordable Hair Transplant Cost In Bengaluru?

Haircosmos International offers comprehensive treatment and care. It provides an all-encompassing solution at an affordable hair transplant cost in Bengaluru. As India’s prestigious hair treatment centre, qualified experts help you make a well-defined choice depending on your hair goals.

What Influencing Parameters Affect the Hair Transplantation Cost in Bangalore?

The hair transplant procedure is expensive, although it’s a worthwhile investment. It is a unique surgical process that restores voluminous hair. The hair transplant cost in Bengaluru depends on the following parameters:

  • The number of grafts involved
  • The types of hair transplantation
  • The ultimate method used by the surgeon

Who Needs to Learn About Hair Transplant Cost?

The ideal candidate for the therapy should first understand the parameters that influence the total costs involved in the process. People suffering from well-defined baldness or thinning hair need consultation. Individuals who experience limited hair loss due to scalp injuries or multiple cosmetic procedures can choose the treatment.

How the Hair Transplant Cost Varies from One Method to Another?

In general, there are two prime hair transplantation methods. The first is the follicular unit transplant or FUT technique, while the other one is the follicular unit extraction or FUE. The choice of hair transplantation method depends on the following parameters.

  • The number of operations
  • Your body’s donor graft
  • The expert’s expertise and experience

What Are The Tentative Costs for Hair Transplantation in Bengaluru?

Depending on the surgeon’s experience, the hair quality, and hair grafts number, the cost varies. Here is the list of the tentative hair transplant cost in Bengaluru based on the methods:

  • FUE Transplant or FUT Transplant usually cost around INR 40,000 to INR 50,000
  • Direct Hair Transplant usually starts from INR 55,000

There are other types of hair transplantation methods, such as Revision Hair Transplant, Facial hair transplant, U-graft transplant, and long hair transplantation.

How does the number of grafts affect the cost of the hair transplant?

The patient needs two sessions if 3000 to 6500 grafts get transplanted via the FUT method. If you require more sessions, the cost will be higher.

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