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Hair Transplantation is not just for Men:

Best Female hair transplant in whitefield bangalore – Hair loss is a bit more associated with men’s and they prefer hair transplantation as a remedy for hair loss in them. But in recent times the number of women looking for the hair transplant has been on the rise. As per studies done by the famous hair transplant surgeon, 27% of our surgical patients are females. A large percentage of females experiencing female pattern baldness and would showing interest in female hair transplants.

Not everyone is a right candidate for hair transplantation:

Not all women experiencing female pattern hair loss are not the right candidate for female hair transplantation. Although for many people hair transplants can make a huge difference in experiencing hair loss. The important criteria to decide the ideal candidate is does the person have enough donor area to supply the thin and balding head? What kind of hair loss does the person have? are some of the things that require to consider.

The best ways to extract the healthy Hair follicles:

The goal of the procedure is to increase the hair density, but there different methods in extracting the hair follicles from the donor area for achieving the successful hair transplant, both of which performed under the local anesthesia. Then from the backside of the donor area, healthy hair follicles are harvested either by extracting individual hair follicles or by extracting a thin skin part bearing the hair follicles and closing the area with suture. The first approach is known as follicular unit extraction (FUE), it doesn’t require the suturing, but the donor area needs to be trimmed. As the donor area is shaved in this procedure the majority of the hair intact so that the harvested area not recognized once the hair grows back.

The other method is known as follicular unit transplantation (FUT), which doesn’t require trimming the donor area, and it leaves a thin scar tucked away within the permanent hair so it is not visible after the procedure. Individual follicles are then isolated from this ellipse under a microscope. We have one more method of hair transplantation known as robotic hair transplantation, where the surgeon performs the surgery with the help of a robot. There won’t be pain, scar involved in the procedure, the extracted graft survival rate also good.

The cost is steep, but worth it if you want quality:

Of course, this kind of hair transplant procedure seems a bit costly. But sometimes you need to a bit extra to get the amazing results. Besides the method of hair transplantation, the cost of hair transplantation varies from 40k to 10lac rupees, considering upon the surgeons experienced and the number of hair grafts that need to be transplanted.

Procedure takes its own time:

Patient can be expected to spend a good amount of time in the procedure with the doctor. Clients recommend coming along with a person to take home after the procedure. Hair transplantation is an all-day procedure; it takes around 5 to 8 hours depends on the number of hairs to be transplanted. This procedure is performed under the local aesthesis, and the patients will be comfortable throughout the procedure, they can watch movies or sleep during the procedure. However, the results are not immediate. The biggest myth is that it takes months to see the transplanted hair growing.

Hair Transplantation results are Natural as long as you go to the right surgeon:

Most hair transplant candidates concerned about results may not look natural. But it’s a false opinion unless; the procedure is not performed by the credible physician. There are many physicians in the market offering hair transplantation but it’s wise to seek experienced hair transplant surgeon for the procedure.

Hair Transplant can be performed on Eyebrow too:

The scalp is not the only are that can be benefited from hair transplantation. Eyebrow hair becomes a popular spot for hair transplantation. It would be surprised where the donor hair can be taken from the body and legs.

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