Fat Loss

Nonsurgical Weight Loss Treatment

Best Fatloss treatment in whitefield bangalore – Do you know a comprehensive weight loss program helps you get rid of unhealthy fat and not just shed the extra kilos? Are you looking for a customised weight loss treatment that assures you of sustainable results? Well, if you too are looking for healthy weight loss, approved by leading doctors and top nutritionists, it’s time to read this page and make an informed decision.


Before learning about how to choose the best weight loss plan, it is critical to understand why losing weight should be a priority.

As the name suggests, Haircosmos holistic weight management program aims to deliver long-term health benefits and encourage lifestyle transformation beyond weight reduction. Here are the benefits you can expect if you enrol for it:

  • Achieve targeted weight loss and maintain a healthy Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • Become slim without suffering from muscle loss and nutrient deficiency
  • Eliminate unhealthy fat from your body and improve your metabolism
  • Sustain weight goals and prevent regain through an extensive maintenance program
  • Additionally, we empower you to lead a healthy life:
  • Manage your co-morbidities and improve your vital parameters
  • Enhance your fitness scores, flexibility, stamina and agility
  • Boost your health with a customised nutritional and lifestyle management plan
  • Enhance your overall shape with the help of additional body contouring services.

Beyond Weight Loss’ program is a comprehensive weight management solution based on your ‘metabolic fingerprint’ that includes critical parameters like your current weight, health condition, body composition, fat distribution, body mass index and muscle mass. Weight loss experts at Haircosmos excel at suggesting a sustainable action plan tailor-made for you to manage not only your weight but also improve your health profile. The ‘Beyond Weight Loss Program’ is inclusive of the following: Healthy Nutritional Plan Lifestyle Modification Exercise Prescription Maintenance Support Go right ahead to know more about what makes the weight management program at Haircosmos unique.

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