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Human hair wigs available at haircosmosinternational. You can curl and style them as you would your own hair. Human hair wigs are ideal if you enjoy, and are skilled at, styling your own hair. Now introducing full lace wigs that look even more natural can be highlighted or styled in any way. The special features of these wigs include non slip areas inside to adhere to the scalp, soft base materials for comfort, French lace fronts for a natural Haircosmos appearance and adjustable caps for fit. The human hair has been specially treated to prevent tangling and for ease of care.

Curly Hair Wigs to Embrace a Voluminous Look

Curly hair wigs can add flair to your physical aesthetics. We create them with 100% natural human hair. Elevate your presence by choosing the right type of wig from us. We understand that its proper upkeep can be intimidating. So, if you buy the best hair patch and wigs in Bengaluru from us, increase its lifespan by following these:

  • Detangle the wig by getting rid of tangles
  • Use a moisturising conditioner and avoid pulling those locks
  • Wash it with a mild shampoo
  • Restore the curls and combat fizziness with a curl-quenching cream and a gel
  • When you do not use them, keep them in a wig stand

Considering your curl type, we have various options, from types 3A, 3B, and 3C to 4B, 4C, and more. We leverage innovative methodologies to manufacture undetectable, natural wigs that define your style.

Different Colour and Size Options of Our Hair Wigs

Our premium quality 100% human hair wigs and patches are made of the finest materials and styled by experienced stylists. If you are planning to choose the desired style of the wig from us, we have the following colours of wigs that suit your requirements:

  • Black
  • Dark Brown
  • Medium Brown
  • Light Brown
  • Red
  • Blonde
  • Grey

At Haircosmos International hair and skin clinic, we have various size options for the best human hair wigs. As a newbie in choosing the right product, you can have a look at these sizes categorised as per your desired length:

  • Cropped
  • Chin Length
  • Short
  • Long
  • Shoulder Length

Types of Hair Wigs You Can Get from Us:

Embrace distinct curly or straight patterns with our natural hair wigs that boost your confidence. Each style and cap is crafted to fit your head with the best attachment methods. Here’s our list of the best hair patch and wigs in Bengaluru:

  • Full Lace

We sew hair stands directly in the mesh, mimicking your natural hair scalp colour. The cap design lets you style your wig in any manner.

  • Lace front

Natural lace frontal wigs have an undetectable lace mesh along the hairline. Its lace comes in natural skin colours.

  • Monofilament

These caps are hairpieces made of nylon mesh, allowing the scalp colour to show when you part the hair. Style your wig in any fashion. But first, give the calculations of your measurements for us to make a custom wig.

  • U-Part

These best human hair wigs can offer a natural look and come with a small opening. You can easily pull out a part of your real hair and blend it with the wig for a natural appearance.

Other options include the following:

  • Half Wig
  • Full hair

The versatility of the style lets you create impressive looks. Whether it’s your best friend’s birthday party or a colleague’s wedding, these hair extensions can take your physical appearance to a newer notch.

Schedule a Free Consultation with Us Today

Are you planning to resolve your hair loss in the healthiest manner? It is time you get a free consultation from us today. Our wig professionals can assist you in selecting the right wig as per your style and flair. Don’t worry, as we can help you accomplish your hair goals from the comfort of your home.
We understand there’s no one-size-fits-all solution, so you can get customised solutions to your specific requirements. Request an appointment at the soonest.

Wigs for Cancer Patients

Hair loss is one of the many effects that chemotherapy has on the human body. It can be a difficult experience for cancer fighters as it plummets their self-confidence. Our wigs for cancer patients can help with the physical and emotional impact of chemotherapy. The possible options at Haircosmos International for cancer patients (male or female) are.

  • Human Hair Wigs for Male and Female
  • Custom Made Wigs
  • Medically treated Chemotherapy Patients Wigs

How it is Done ?

Partial hair additions and replacements are attached using a variety of techniques. Various methods of attachment, including adhesives such as two-sided special tapes (Taping Method) waterproof liquids/silicon adhesive gels (glue system); Bonding and Weaving is used depending on the individual’s lifestyle requirements, allowing you to engage in normal activities: exercise, swim and engage in as much physical activity as you want.

  • Hair pieces are available for both men and women
  • Partial and full hair pieces
  • No special care is required


Q: Whom is it for?

Wigs are an instant pain-free solution to those with thinning and balding hair problems. It is also available for those who have lost their hair during chemotherapy.

Q: How Long Does a Hair Patch Last?

The hair patch may last around 1-2 years, depending on the hair care regimen of the client. After the end of its lifespan, clients (both men and women) can replace them. At Haircosmos International hair and skin clinic, we recommend hair patch treatment for people experiencing pattern baldness. Get the best hair patch and wigs in Bengaluru from us.

Q: What Hair Products Do We Recommend for Curly Hair Wigs?

Products that can damage curly hair would also ruin the appeal of your curly hair wigs. Some of them include the following:

  • Alcohol-containing hair products
  • Sulphate and paraben
  • Water-based moisturisers and more

Q: Who Is The Ideal Candidate for Hair Wigs?

Individuals who experience 5th, 6th, and 7th-grade hair loss can choose hair wigs. The best human hair wigs are also for patients who undergo cancer therapy (like chemotherapy). Men experiencing pattern baldness and receding hairline can also consider wigs to add volume to the hair and hide flaws.

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