Eliminate excessive localized fat and tough cellulite.

Best Mesotherapy treatment in whitefield bangalore – One of the treatments that has lately gained a lot of attention of late is Mesotherapy. The treatment is nonsurgical in nature and only has pin pricks due to the injector being used to convey the medication to the mesoderm. Mesotherapy can be used to eliminate excessive localized fat and the tough cellulite, aid in rejuvenating skin, pigmentation and helps in regaining lost hair.

How it is done

The medication is injected into the mesoderm for the motive of correcting the given condition. A specialized injector known as the mesogun is used for this purpose. A small amount of medicine is delivered at a given time and multiple injections are given to ensure that the area is fully covered. For individuals that are very sensitive to even the least sensation of pain, topical anesthetics can be applied to the aforementioned treatment.

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