U-Graft Hair Transplantation

Innovative advanced Follicular Unit Extraction hair transplant

Best ugraft hair transplant in bangalore whitefield – Ugraft hair transplant is a patented latest technology introduced in Los Angeles by a certified dermatosurgeon Dr. U as an revolutionary technique in FUE hair transplantation.


The regular FUE hair transplantation is limited to:

Utilizing hair from only the back and sides of the head.

Only handles relatively straight head hair reliably.


The UGraft advanced hair transplantation system not only handles scalp hair, but also body hair including beard hair as well. It also handles the most tightly curled hair found in individuals.


UGraft is a revolutionary technique in hair transplant designed to achieve the desired results even in challenging cases like low donor area. FUE Hair Transplant is a undoubtedly laborious procedure that requires skill. With UGraft, this procedure is simplified through the use of smart tools such as The Intelligent Punch (Dr.UPunch ) and integrated fluid irrigation systems. The revolutionary UGraft System features the Intelligent Punch (Dr.UPunch i) which meets the surgeon halfway in order to simplify the hair transplant process for both the surgeon and the patient.


UGraft is actually designed to overcome the limitations of regular FUE hair transplant punches.

Makes impossible hair transplant cases Possible

Exceeds performance goals for regular hair transplant cases

Improves yield by producing more robust grafts

Enables Better Wound Healing results due to the wound configuration produced.

Excludes the need to remove stuck grafts, making the procedure relatively faster.

U-Graft is likely the answer to your needs if any or a combination of the following applies to you:

You want to avoid the linear scars from older strip hair surgery methods

Insufficient head donor hair

Insufficient head donor hair

Need repair of past hair transplant mistakes

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