Direct Hair Implantation In Bangalore

DHI is recognised as the best hair transplantation technique in the world right now. Unlike other hair transplant methods, Direct Hair Implantation is painless. With our DHI hair transplant in Bangalore, you can avoid unsightly holes and scars. At Haircosmos International, the DHI hair transplantation is performed only by specially trained and skilled doctors.

Most people opt for DHI hair transplants as it doesn’t require your entire head to be shaved. Moreover, a DHI hair transplant at our Bangalore clinic offers natural and full results with minimal downtime. Our skilled team of professionals can make your hair restoration journey rewarding. Revive your confidence in a short time with our DHI hair transplant in Bangalore.

What Is DHI?

DHI and FUE are the frequently used hair transplant techniques at our clinic. Compared to FUE, the DHI hair transplant is a new procedure. Moreover, it is pretty similar to the FUE as it doesn’t leave a scar after the surgery. You can sport a natural appearance by undergoing the DHI procedure at our centre.

In FUE, our surgeons manually create incisions to implant the grafts. On the other hand, during DHI, we use a specialised implanter to create channels and implant hair follicles.

The main difference between DHI and FUE is the way in which our surgeon implants the hair follicles. In this procedure, we use a specialised tool called an implanter pen. This pen contains a hollow tip that can grip the hair follicle and implant it in the recipient area. By using this implanter pen, we ensure that there are no incisions on your scalp.

Why DHI Is Done?

There are numerous reasons why you may want to undergo a DHI hair transplant at our clinic. The first and foremost advantage of undergoing this hair transplant procedure is the survival rate of the grafts. The DHI technique in Bangalore has the highest graft survival rate. So, if you want a permanent solution to address your baldness, a DHI is the best option.

Another key advantage of this hair transplant technique is the natural appearance of the implanted hair. This is one of the best methods if you want to give your self-esteem a major boost. The DHI technique also allows for unshaven applications. So, if you have specific cosmetic concerns, DHI is your go-to hair transplant technique.

Our clinic uses the advanced implanter pen during the DHI hair transplant. This eliminates the need to create channels for the transplantation of hair follicles. If you want to resume your daily activities sooner, the DHI transplant is ideal.

Right Candidate For DHI

In the initial consultation, our surgeon will assess your eligibility for the DHI hair transplant. You are a good candidate for DHI if you’re under the age of 35. Hair loss in individuals under the age of 35 is not much advanced. Therefore, the DHI hair procedure at our clinic will offer good results. On the other hand, people with thicker hair achieve better outcomes than thinner hair.

Do's And Don'ts Of DHI

There are specific dos and don’ts that you should know before planning to undergo a DHI hair transplant at Haircosmos International. Some of the dos of the DHI hair transplant are as follows:

  • Follow the advice of our doctors
  • Take care of your scalp
  • Eat a balanced diet
  • Try incorporating antioxidant-rich food items into your diet

Here are some of the don’ts of DHI to know.

  • Refrain from going out in the sun
  • Don’t sleep with your head in an elevated position
  • Avoid smoking before and after the DHI hair transplant
  • Don’t exercise strenuously

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How To Prepare For DHI?

Our surgical team will help you prepare for the DHI procedure. Usually, we advise our patients against drinking tea and coffee before the procedure. It is also important to avoid smoking five days before the surgery. Before your arrival at our Bangalore clinic, you should choose a light breakfast.

DHI Procedures

There are procedures in a DHI hair transplant in Bangalore that you must know. The first step involves the removal of hair follicles from the hair follicles one by one. We will then implant the hair with a single implanter directly on the scalp. This implanter used by us offers complete control over the depth and angle. This transplanted hair grows naturally just like facial hair.

Stages Of DHI

We follow a specific set of stages to make sure that the surgery is successful. Following are the stages of DHI hair transplant you should know.

  • Preparing the scalp
  • The surgical session
  • Advising you on aftercare
  • Analysing your condition in follow-up visits

How Many Follicles Are Required For DHI?

3000 to 3500 hair follicles are required for a DHI hair transplant at our clinic. That’s why this procedure is suitable for individuals under 35 years of age.

Recovery Time After DHI Surgery

We will discharge you the same day the day in which your surgery took place. If you follow our post-operative instructions, you can recover within a week. However, we recommend patients contact with our surgeons to learn about the recovery time.

Lifestyle Tips Post DHI Surgery

It is important to avoid smoking and alcohol for a few months after the surgery. We request you to follow the post-operative care instructions thoroughly. Try including nutrients and anti-oxidants in your diet. You shouldn’t do strenuous exercises for a few weeks after the surgery.

Risk Involved in DHI Surgery

A DHI hair transplant at Haircosmos International doesn’t involve any type of risk. But still if you are apprehensive of the procedure, opt for an initial consultation. We will try to answer your questions during the consultation.

Cost Of DHI Surgery in Bangalore

The cost of DHI surgery in Bangalore depends on a wide variety of factors. For instance, the experience of the surgeon and the number of hair follicles to be implanted are important factors.

Factors Affecting the Cost of DHI Surgery

Listed are the factors that affect the cost of DHI surgery.

  • Total number of grafts
  • The fee of the surgeon
  • Hospital expenses

Why Choose Haircosmos for DHI Surgery?

Haircosmos International has extensive experience in DHI hair transplant in Bangalore. Our surgeons are the active members of the ISHRS and the American Academy of Dermatology. Moreover, we are the only clinic in Bangalore that guarantees a “90% graft survival ratio”.

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