FUT Transplant

Use Your Own Units To Enhance The Result Of The Procedure

FUT Hair transplant in bangalore whitefield – Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) is a process that uses a patient’s to improve follicular unit transplantation procedure. The overall results of the hair transplant procedure are greatly enhanced thanks to this approach.

How it is Done ?

When hair follicles are harvested in a traditional hair transplant surgery, they are usually kept on a saline-based solution to ensure they are viable for the eventual transplant procedure. Bio-FUT hair transplants use a plasma-rich solution rather than a saline-based one. This plasma-rich solution includes proteins from a patient’s blood, allowing the harvested hair follicles to receive nutrients while they are stored.


Good candidates for enhanced FUT are people who have experienced serious hair loss and would like to have a full head of hair again. This is one of the many options available for hair restoration. The added advantage of Bio-FUT is that the hair follicles transplanted are enhanced in a plasma-rich solution, which includes proteins from the patient’s own blood.

The number of sessions required for FUT depends on the severity of the balding on the individual.

As the main solution used in the procedure is created with the patient’s own cells, the procedure is very safe.

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