5 Reasons To Consider Hair Transplantation


If some people think that hair transplantation is not an option, more and more testimonials show that it is reliable and that the results are satisfactory. Provided of course to do it in a place known for its seriousness.

The idea of ​​a hair transplant may cause suspicion in some men and women. The fact that “miracle” products have been sold for decades undoubtedly still raises questions about any procedure that can eliminate baldness.

Hair transplantation is now a reality: It is common among men and women even Bollywood, Hollywood & Tollywood actors are doing all types of treatments

Here, we’re compiling 5 reasons why you might want to consider it (and it’ll give you a better understanding of the process). We tell you why it can be worth it with the help of real testimonials.

  1. It’s not as expensive as you think

Some men point out that the surgery can cost (20,000 rs) while others have reported a cost above 50,000 rupees. Of course, it depends on the clinic where you perform it (and some have different prices and offers for different clients).

The cost does not seem as high as one might imagine, especially since it is practically only one or two sessions that are not repeated and the results are quite effective. According to some testimonials, the cost may also depend on the severity of the case of baldness in the patients, as this determines the numbers of grafts you should receive.

  • The process is not painful

The surgical process consists of two main steps. The first is to remove hair follicles from the nape area (where baldness rarely occurs) which are then implanted in the area we want to “fill in”.

According to reports, the first part of the process is not painful at all (even if it looks like it) because the area is anesthetized. As for the implantation, it is not painful but the process is boring, like getting a tattoo. It’s still bearable.

  • This cosmetic surgery does not drastically change your appearance

Of all the cosmetic surgeries you could do, this is probably one of the least invasive and has no weird effect (like facial surgeries). If it’s a concern for your image, you shouldn’t see it as something negative or exaggerated but as an option in case you really want to be able to style your hair.

  • It will improve your self-confidence

Adopted a hair wig that covers your forehead or the areas where you are going bald? Do you wear a cap to avoid being noticed? All of this will disappear by the time you receive the grafts (after recovery, of course). The truth is that surgery, like any other cosmetic procedure, can restore your confidence and give your hair the look you’ve always wanted before you even thought about getting implants. If you are really worried about your baldness, this could be a permanent solution.

  • You’ll never have to worry about baldness again

Procedures performed today offer permanent results. No need to come back for more sessions after several years. There will be hair in this area permanently.

Although it is possible that over time and due to natural baldness you may lose hair in other areas where you did not receive implants, if your case is mild and you simply want your youthful appearance, you will be covered for life.

Once patients fully recover, they can treat their hair naturally and do whatever they want with it. The handy thing is that the procedure uses hair follicles that won’t stop working, so the hair will be thick and look natural. It can definitely change someone’s life.

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