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Hair transplantation is a simple process to restore lost hair. People can get back their look with the assistance of professional hair transplant services. Fixing hair-loss issues is easy with innovative tools that can ensure the best outcome quickly. Hair Transplant Clinic in Jayanagar, Bangalore, can be your reliable partner and promise the best difference in your hair growth and look.

We work with field specialists who focus on clients and try to go by a client-centric approach. The doctors’ team will examine the client’s hair condition and its growth tendency to decide on the correct method for optimal results. We can help you get your lost hair in simple methods.

As the hair transplant market is in demand, specialists are trying to offer the best assistance.

  • We operate with expert and skilful doctors
  • Our clinic has extensive infrastructure and equipment
  • Our services are easy to book
  • The service package is cost-effective
  • Proper care and follow-up by experts
  • We offer the ease of virtual consultation

This is where Hair Transplant Clinic in Jayanagar, Bangalore is a reliable source to approach for professional hair transplant.

Our Hair Transplant Services

With our specialists, latest tools, and techniques, we can provide a range of services for the best hair transplant in Jayanagar as follows:

Robotic Hair Transplant 

This method offers accurate outcomes without leaving any scars. The robotic system ensures seamless transplantation, and it works with tiny hair follicles.

FUT Transplant

It leaves minimal scarring and works by extracting a healthy hair follicle. The restoration process includes tiny incisions and shows quick results.

FUE Transplant 

It involves extracting follicle units and doesn’t leave any traces. Our specialists pick hair grafts from the back of the head.

Facial Hair Transplant

It takes follicles in strips and transplants them in the place of a beard line. Follicular unit extraction or FUE can grow a dense beard.

Long Hair Transplant

It takes long hair strands from the donor area to implant in the recipient area. It also involves FUE from the side or back of the scalp.

Revision Hair Transplant

The extent of a previously failed transplant impacts the results of a revision transplant. Our experts fill up the gaps in grafts with micro follicles.

U-Graft Hair Transplant

It can fix the scalp hair or any body hair, including tight curls. It handles cases with low donor areas and uses the latest transplanting tools.

Female Hair Transplant

It takes the healthy follicles from the donor area and aims to improve hair density. We don’t trim the donor area in FUE but do so for the FUT method.

Direct Hair Implantation 

It is a painless process that covers up for scars and holes. It involves less downtime and doesn’t need to shave the whole head.

Sapphire FUE

Our sapphire FUE is a modern hair transplant in Jayanagar that uses sapphire blades. It helps create small incisions and takes less time to recover.

Experience some promising hair restoration outcomes from our specialists in Bangalore. Book your consultation now, and let us restore your lost hair and beauty.

What Our Clients Say

14:37 17 Mar 22
Just wanted to share my experience of hair transplant in Haircosmos International Hair & Skin Clinic. The environment was quite hygienic and the entire OT team including surgeon were highly experienced and polite. I was briefly guided about pre and post guidances of HT and also I have got required and promised scalp coverage. The transparency of grafts was highly maintained in terms of actual quantity and almost 0 wastage was done.
Mohammadali MsMohammadali Ms
08:04 07 Mar 22
I underwent a hair transplantation procedure last 3 months back at Haircosmos Clinic. so far its been 3.5 months as I can see results are pretty amazing. I am more confident than before and I have to thank Doctors who is fully professionally competent and his team who are very well trained and have a sound knowledge of transplantation procedure. It was my first time in an operation room and the doctors made me feel so comfortable.So thanks again to you all. I absolutely recommend this clinic.
shashank svshashank sv
13:16 04 Mar 22
Haircosmos international clinic is offering unique and affordable range of treatments for fat reduction.1st I just thought it's hair clinic.But they are best in all the services.I Got my fat loss program with proper diet.I have lost 8.4kg in just 52days of treatment.Doctors are so sweet and supportive.
06:17 06 Jan 22
Haircosmos International clinic is one of the best clinic among all the Hair transplant clinics.Like to share my story with complete process growth .The results have proved they are the best. I would strongly recommend all my friends who wants a stylish hair treatment can visit Haircosmos international. Very professionally they handle the cases, Doctors and staffs are excellent. We feel homely atmosphere at Haircosmos.The main attraction of Haircosmos is their ACCURATE SOLUTIONS AND AFFORDABLE PACAKAGES.Thank you Haircosmos for giving such great service for the people who have issues which cannot be expressed publicly.
Labani BiswasLabani Biswas
05:30 19 Dec 21
Like to share my experience it's been 7 month connecting Haircosmos . 1st like toThanks Haircosmos international clinic for your lovely services and products. I love the fact that haircosmos offers not just services but complete solutions. Dermatologists and staffs are very caring and make sure that they offer delightful experience whenever I visit them. Their attention to detail, safety measures and hygiene standards are well maintainedI went to Haircosmos for Pigmentation Reduction System. The dark patches on my skin have reduced after taking this service. Overall the texture of my skin has improved a lot. It appears clearer, even toned, and brighter and also feels softer. I am completely satisfied with the treatment.Thanks for Haircosmos international clinic

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