Understanding Hair Loss: Causes and Factors

It is crucial to understand the causes and factors of hair loss before seeking hair regrowth treatment. One of the primary reasons behind hair loss is genes. Hereditary hair loss is also known as male pattern hair loss. It typically means you have inherited genes that lead to the shrinkage of your hair follicles.

Hair loss can be the result of hormonal changes too. Baldness in men is mainly caused by faulty genes followed by hormonal imbalances. At Haircosmos International, we have an impeccable track record of treating male pattern baldness effectively.

Age is also one of the main factors behind hair loss. At some point, the hair follicles do not support hair growth, which contributes to balding. One of the best ways to address age-related balding is to choose our hair regrowth treatment in Bengaluru.

The Importance of Seeking Professional Consultation

Seeking professional consultation is always the first step to growing your hair. Note that there are various intricacies involved in a hair regrowth procedure. A professional consultation with a dermatologist will help you learn about the treatment properly.

Always remember that opting for the best hair regrowth solutions in Bengaluru is one of the most important decisions of your life. It can have a lasting impact on your overall appearance. By consulting with a specialist, you can effectively address your concerns and doubts.

Why Choose Haircosmos International for Hair Regrowth in Bengaluru? 

If you are searching for professional hair regrowth treatment in Bengaluru, don’t look beyond Haircosmos International. Our clinic has an unbeatable track record of transforming the lives of numerous individuals with hair regrowth procedures. We have highly experienced dermatologists who will assess the root cause of hair loss.

Another key reason to choose our clinic is our experience in treating hair loss. We know about the right approaches and provide the best hair loss treatment in Bengaluru. We are one of the few clinics that believe in offering patients with customised solutions.

So, before commencing the treatment, we will analyse your hair loss factors. Our dermatologists have access to the latest equipment for hair restoration in Bengaluru.

Customised Hair Regrowth Solutions in Bengaluru

Haircosmos International offers customised hair regrowth solutions in Bengaluru. Our hair regrowth treatments are highly customised because hair loss factors vary from one individual to another. We provide FUT and FUE hair transplants to address alopecia areata in men.

Moreover, our tailored hair regrowth solutions are focused on providing your scalp with essential nutrients. These nutrients can produce healthy strands of hair and address the bald patches on your scalp. Consult with us today for the best hair loss treatment for men in Bengaluru.

Cutting-Edge Technologies for Hair Restoration in Bengaluru

Our clinic has always believed in harnessing advanced technologies for hair restoration. That’s why we provide robotic hair transplants in Bengaluru. Manual extraction of hair from the donor area is a strenuous process.

Moreover, it is prone to human errors that can cost you your overall appearance. Our robotic hair transplant procedure coordinates every 20 milliseconds to harvest hair follicles. If you are looking for a head full of dense hair with minimal downtime, a robotic transplant is the best option.

We also offer FUT and FUE hair transplant procedures with minimal scarring and downtime. You can experience natural and permanent hair restoration with our FUE transplant procedure. On the other hand, our bio FUE hair transplant involves the storage of grafts in bio-stimulation growth factors. It heals your donor area faster.

Expert Team and Personalised Care
Haircosmos International has the best hair doctors in Bengaluru to cater to a wide variety of hair loss causes and factors. We believe in providing our patients with personalised care and attention during the entire recovery phase. Unlike other clinics, we are transparent and offer quality suggestions to our revered patients.
Post-Treatment Care and Maintenance
If you want to experience the positive results of our hair transplantation procedure, it is crucial to stick to post-treatment care. By adhering to post-operative instructions, you can minimise complications and enhance the success of your hair transplant. We schedule follow-up visits for every patient undergoing a hair transplant at our clinic at fixed intervals.
Haircosmos International has become the go-to option for people with hair loss. You can now get highly customised hair regrowth treatment from our clinic. Consult with us today and learn more about our hair restoration procedures.


Haircosmos International has various treatment procedures to regrow your hair. If you want minimal downtime, opting for our bio FUE hair transplant is your best bet. It comes with a faster recovery time and you can resume your activities faster.

We have the best hair specialist in Bengaluru who will supervise the entire hair transplantation process. It is possible to regrow hair permanently and boost your confidence. You can visit our clinic for a free initial consultation to learn about the benefits of a hair transplant.  

Haircosmos International is your one-stop destination for hair regrowth in Bengaluru. Our hair regrowth solutions involve nourishing your scalp with essential nutrients to reverse hair loss. However, we will first assess your hair loss stage and condition before starting the treatment.  

Hair regrowth is not expensive and the cost of a hair transplant depends on your current condition. The stage of your baldness and the factors behind hair loss can greatly influence the overall cost. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our trichologist will examine the scalp and hair condition through microscopic analysis which is an advanced technology that helps to find the root cause of the hairloss problem.

You can expect clean and more explicit scalp, hair regrowth and improved hair density, health and texture of hair.

You can book an online appointment or over the phone by dialing +91 7349187047 to schedule an appointment with our expert at your preferred time and convenience.

The duration of a hair transplant depends on the number of grafts needed for the area of coverage. Depending on the number of grafts being implanted.

We give local anesthesia and other medications to control pain. And after surgery, it hardly pains because of so unique technique.

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